Thursday, October 7, 2010

Visits to Uncle Ben: update #2

We've been down to the Baltimore area to visit Ben a bunch. Here are a few highlights. The boys *loved* the National Aquarium in Baltimore:

Waiting for the dolphin show:
Yay! Tricks!
We got to see a dude feed the massive rays and the 3-legged giant turtle
My personal favorite was the jellies exhibit. I could stare at fire, waterfalls, and jellyfish for *hours* and not get bored!
Another personal favorite: mr. grumpy stone owl.
Next trip we went paddle boating on the Chesapeake:
Next we went to the Naval Academy. Scotty still talks about the soldiers in white.
And finally, we went to the Howard County Fair, very nostalgic for both me and Ben:
Ben took the boys on the ferris wheel and aged about 10 years in the process. And here's the best part of the day:
Yay goats! I sure do love them when I don't have to drink a glass of their milk for breakfast every day....

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katie said...

love those pics of Ben. Also love the jellies. I wish I could've seen the exhibit. Van did and loved it too.