Friday, March 9, 2012

3 little penguins

Penguin #1. Scotty in February 2006:
Penguin #2. James in October 2008:

Penguin #3. Sam in March 2012.

We might try a feminine penguin too but she's not feeling well this week.

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Six months! We blinked and here we are. Suddenly the babes are giggling and rolling and starting to play. We're barely edging out of survival mode and remembering some of the things we used to do ... like grocery shop, cook, do dishes, vacuum ... They're worth it though. Looka these guys:
Monkey envy
Typical Ruth and typical Sam faces. Ruth checking to see if her hands have changed flavor. Sam zerberting.
Trying not to crack up
hands! toes!
Mr. Sam
Ruthie-loo, our blinking, smiling baby doll
We'll do a catch-up post soon, with a few pics from Christmas up til now and some of our other two not-forgotten children. Hope you're all happy and well!

PS - We got a real job! Jeremy signed a great contract with a doc in Henderson NV to start in July. We're excited.