Thursday, October 7, 2010

Daphne Adele: update #6

I have to dedicate an entire post to our newest niece. I know I'm partial, but isn't she gorgeous?
I went for a long weekend (thanks Jeremy! thanks Lisa!) to stay with Katie and Van. I say "stay with" because I thought I would be helping, and I barely lifted a finger the whole time! Any of you who know the long details of Daphne's gestation and birth know what a tender mercy it was for her be in the NICU for less than a week after her omphalocele surgery. By the time I got there, she'd been home for almost 2 weeks and was fat and happy. And Katie was getting more sleep than your average new mom. Daphne has found her lungs since then, but as a wee one, the most I heard out of her was a tiny little "hey!" when she was truly distressed. She was the perfect newborn. (And now she's the perfect 3 month old!) I LOVED holding her! I confess I'm baby hungry at the moment and I totally got my baby fix that weekend. She was a perfect little snuggler. This is my *favorite* pic of the weekend. Pucker up! And this is a close second. I love the newborn furrowed brow + cross eyes + gang sign + double chinAnd because of this cute little thing, I've developed a new obsession. I have two boys and I spend my free time now making -little girl's hair dealies-! So silly, but so entertaining. This isn't the best picture, but if you like them, I'm taking requests. Daphne can only wear so many, and most of my other nieces are a little too old for them.


J and C Stubblefield said...

waiting for you to update! Your family looks wonderful! Glad to "hear" from you. You can send any of those hair clippies for the baby :o)

katie said...

we LOVED having you. I'm flattered that there's a blog post dedicated completely to her. She's big news! Can't wait for the hair things. I keep looking for one for every outfit I put on her. Love them.

Laura said...

She is a beautiful baby! Those hair things are so cute too! Emily would love any of them, as long as they are pink! I can't get her to wear anything in her hair that isn't pink.
I'm so glad you are finally updating your blog again! I've been anxious to see your little family again.