Thursday, October 7, 2010

Summer Silliness: update #7

Here's a bunch of silliness I'm posting for posterity's sake / future blackmail material

Mom I found a square foot of bare dirt!

Life changes so abruptly when you're two...
Or four...

typical James on the same car trip :)
Imitating monkey sticker faces Grandma sent. Thanks, Grandma!
My little buddies have been so much fun this summer!

They've also had fun with their own little buddies. I was thinking the other day that I remember my friends from when I was 4 and 5. I have a few very vivid memories from those years. Which of these memories will Scotty still have 30 years later?? A pizza picnic?
Splashing in the stream?
Or just hanging out?


katie said...

The two cutest boys ever! love those pictures.

Hawkes Nest said...

Love all the pictures Jennie! So sad to miss the Hawkes family reunion. I CAN'T believe that Scotty is 5 - but I can't believe that Jordan is 14 either! You are such a cute Mom and do such cute things. I really wish we lived closer.