Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Top 10 of '10: update #1

Hi friends and family --

We didn't desert you. I just went through a little blog-soul searching for a bit. And now my blog-soul is revived. I'm ready! I'm going to do my best to catch up on our crazy-busy-fun year thus far. Part of the reason I'm finally getting around to this is because I realized the snowman on my last post (who many of you have told me is becoming part of the family) is almost ready to be rebuilt! My nose is cold as we speak, and it's getting dark at 4:43. And I haven't recorded our family's doings during all the time in between. So here goes. I'll start with our much anticipated Spring. After snowmageddon x 4 we were getting a little antsy. We were a bit sad when Jeremy's snow sculpture out of ice and speed bump chunks melted.
And we did prefer ice falls to bare rock for freeway scenery.
But mostly we felt like this when the sun finally came out:

Easter with a 2 and 4 year old is hard to beat. The boys spent toddler hours (translation: 15 whole minutes) painting the sidewalk and hid and re-hid the eggs until there was nothing left for egg salad sandwiches (shame).

I think this may have been inspired by candy-filled eggs? Maybe the other ones taste better??
Yay green grass!
Yay bubbles!
We also celebrated 2 birthdays in spring, Jeremy's first. Here he is making his wish holding a post-tantrum James:
Chocolate makes everything all better:

Then James turned 2!

"Mom, see, it's empty! Give me more! More! More!"

We're excited for all that accompanies cooler weather, but I think kids were *made* for spring with its mud and puddles and sunshine for longer than they can stay awake... Fun.

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katie said...

i love those first pictures of James. What a CUTIE! What is that amazing looking chocolate cake thing? You'll have to give me the recipe.