Friday, August 19, 2011

When the livin' is easy

We've had a very quiet summer. Mostly spent chipping away at our B.T. List (before twins), i.e. Jeremy playing mr. mom and mr. fixit and mr. clean all at the same time. What a guy. A few fun times, but mostly mellowness at home, keeping the babies baking. Now that we're almost 36 weeks (!) we're feeling very ready to meet these little ones! I've officially started heavy lifting and going on longer walks and errands. Friends have offered reflexology, mini trampolines, and castor oil to trigger labor. Here in a week I may just take them up on it!

My friends threw me a super cute shower in June. This was one of my favorite parts of the morning. I only wish I would have snapped a pic of the spread of food! It was fabulous Lisa and Rita and everyone else who contributed -- thank you thank you!
We had two last quick trips B.T. to visit Uncle Ben. One we went blueberry picking and to this divine place that has finally joined us on the east coast:
We also visited Bonaparte Breads. num num. And Jeremy finally had a chance to dangle his legs from a chair:

We had a fun and mellow 4th with friends. Jeremy played and played with the camera:
...dads waiting for kids to come take the sparklers

James had a run-in with a mosquito that night. As far as we could tell, this was from a single strategically placed bite on his forehead. The swelling even spread into his ear, poor thing. He was our little quasimoto for 4 days afterwards, even on constant benadryl.

All better now, we got an accidental hear, see, and speak no evil from our squishy one:

Here are two more of Jeremy's summer projects aside from photography. Why he had to start this one while I have gestational diabetes, I'll have to ask him one day. Maybe he was fulfilling a secret need to tease. There is more focaccia in our future, though, and hopefully it will be made when my diabetes is a distant memory.
And this is a piece of Jer's exploding garden. The tomato in the background has since taken over everything in its path and yielded just barely too much perfect fruit. Enough at least to share with the squirrels this year. Last year they were too greedy... Finally some pics from our Ward Pioneer Day Party. Here's our next-week-kindergartener!
Gotta love James' pose:
Next post will likely be full of babies (!) and the lazy days of summer will be a thing of the past. Doctors say September 1st will be my absolute last day of burgeoning feet and belly. We'll post as soon as we have news!