Thursday, October 7, 2010

Summer trips: update #5

We had a gorgeous cool June this year and stayed outside as long as possible every day. One of the highlights of June was James' first camping trip

What is it about camping? A day's work to pack, a few days to unpack and de-grime, all for one poor night's sleep, but it's totally worth it! Love it.

Over the 4th of July weekend we took a short trip up to Niagara and Palmyra. We stopped first in Scranton and went to the Lackawanna County Coal Mine. Ah, small-town Pennsylvania. I'm not really sure why we did it. A tribute to The Office? Absolute *rave* reviews from Tripadvisor? I'll leave it by saying it was memorable, and I guess it was fun for the boys...

Next we stopped in Heaven on Earth aka Skaneateles, NY. I want to live there! I have never seen water this clear outside of the Uintas. The town was as quaint as it gets, to boot.

Next stop Palmyra and the sacred grove. This is what a 4 year old thinks of the sacred grove.
Poor kid! He was so tired, and this is seriously what he looked like whole time, minus the tantrum. ... "What are you *doing* to me, mom and dad?!" Jeremy and I enjoyed it though. Sunday morning, a truly lovely one.

Did anyone else not know that the Palmyra temple is built in view of the Smith farm? I teared up when I saw where it's located.
We tried taking pictures of the boys. Emphasis on "tried"

Next: Niagara! Wahoo! I haven't been for 15 or so years, and it was every bit as cool as it was as a kid.

Move over Loch Ness... Niagara has monsters now

Maid of the Mist garb
The view from the boat
James wasn't terribly happy about the whole situationBut the rest of us were! Fantastic place.

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katie said...

my favorite is Scotty's face in the Sacred grove--awesome. :)