Thursday, October 7, 2010

Visits from family: update #3

We had a few visits from family this spring. Hooray!!! Aunt Katie came on the tail end of a conference her hubby had in Baltimore. We went to see Ben one day, then met one of her friends in NYC. We took the ferry in, which is never boring! (Sorry about the finger print on the lens, Lady Liberty)

In front of the templeOn Mother's Day. Jeremy spoiled us rotten with filet mignon and creme brulee. mmmm!
Then Jeremy's parents came for a bit. We went to Hershey with them and took the trolley ride. Has anyone else ever been floored by this rotunda in the middle of nowhere PA?

Hooray grandparents! We had lots of fun.

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katie said...

It was a wonderful visit--and a fabulous mothers day! So fun to spend it with you guys.