Friday, October 8, 2010

Scotty's 5!: update #9

Scotty turned 5 on the 21st of September. Every year that day comes and goes I'm amazed that it's been so long, and I'm grateful that all the September 21sts since 2005 have been much, much less painful for me. :) Scott requested, *very* specifically, a "caramel popcorn turtle cake with strawberries and chocolate frosting." We've never had anything like it, and doubt we ever will again, but it was pretty fun to make.
We got to celebrate with leftover fireworks with our neighbors -- Scotty's friend has the exact same birthday as Scotty.
We had Scotty's first friend party this year, which was more fun than I was expecting! He wanted a flying saucer cake, so it kind of turned into an outer space theme.

We made alien hats
And alien rock buddies
Danced .a lot.
Played pin the alien on the spaceship
Tried to play "robot, robot, who has the robot," but the kids had a very difficult time grasping the concept of stealth
And ate lots of yummy flying saucer cake
Another rite of passage happened just a few days before: Scotty's (second) first day of preschool
He technically made the cut to start kindergarten this fall, but we decided to wait on the recommendation of last year's preschool teacher. Not too surprisingly his award at the end of the year was "most spirited." Here he is last May at graduation:
We know he's spirited, and that's half of what makes him so delightful! And I have to say --a little selfishly-- I don't mind one bit keeping him home for one more year. Happy Birthday Scotty!


katie said...

Yay for his REAL 5th birthday! I'm glad he wasn't convinced he was turning 6 instead. I love the spaceship themed party---cute rock alien guys. HAppy Birthday Scott!

Nancy said...

Loved reading your updates! Sounds like you're having a wonderful time as Mommy!

John-David and Kathryn said...

All your trips looked so much fun. I am so glad you updated your blog.

Jenn said...

What a creative party!! The kids looked like they had fun! You have been busy- lots of fun vacarltions!! It was so good to see you this weekend!