Friday, December 14, 2012

Luke and Leia

We did finally end up getting some costume pics of the babes.  (These are for you, Lisa!)  We decided to go with Luke and Leia 1) because we may only be able to choose their costumes for another year or two and 2) Sam has some good Luke hair going on this fall.  

Sportin' the do
Are we supposed to be excited about this?
What *is* Aunt Katie doing?
You have one too?  That's awesome
Ruthie's saber-phone


Leanne said...

Your babies are amazing, these costumes are hilariously perfect, and the photos you post are always so heavenly!

Yorgasons said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! Those babies!!! They are way too cute!! Thank you thank you thank you for posting those!! Yes, Sammy has amazing Luke hair!! And those Leia buns are awesome!! Those Lightsabers are perfect too!!! Love love love it!!