Saturday, May 18, 2013

for cousin Rie

Hi Rie!  Here are some recent pictures of the kids.  Wish we could drop in for a real live visit!  Wouldn't that be fun?  

Here are all 4 crazy kiddos having a tub
 Ruthie and Sam lounging in front of a show

Both babies giving the camera a big "cheese!"

Ruthie's sporting her first pigtails during lunch

How Ruthie's hair normally looks (we call it her puppy hair):

And a very photogenic day for Sam.  Isn't it funny how he got the gorgeous curls and Ruthie's hair is as straight as it can be? 

Static-y hair from Grandma's trampoline:

He always makes this little face with the pursed lips - even when he's chewing.  We love it! 
 Generally a happy little guy

And sometimes a stinker

I'll try to be more regular about posting on here now that you have a computer again.  Hope you've had a nice visit with Karen and that you're well!  Lots of love from Nevada.  

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