Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Jeremy and I have decided the weather here is as consistently gorgeous as Des Moines' weather was terrible.  We've had a lovely, looooong fall.  The temperatures are just starting to dip into the 30's at night, but we're still in the high 60's by afternoon.  The winds are often strong in the valley, so we get great clouds and some breathtaking sunsets.  
These were taken at the Las Vegas temple, across the valley from us.  Never a more stark contrast between Zion and Babylon - the temple site overlooks the strip.  

James is enrolled in a neighborhood preschool with his cute little cousin Ella.  I love to listen and watch them play together.  The other day, I overheard this:

James:  "Ella, yo my bes fwend"
Ella: "You're my best friend too!"
J:  "I love you Ella"
E: "I love you too!"
J:  "I gone mawy you"
E:  "I'm going to marry you too!"

Then they gave each other hugs.  They're exactly the same age and I'm so glad they're buddies!  We'll address the cousin - marriage issue later :)

We went trick or treating with cousins in grandma and grandpa's neighborhood.  The babes were Luke and Leia!  Scotty was a self-invented "Hallween Hero" who saves candy from villains, and James was a Star Wars something-or-other.  
Scotty and James designed and carved their pumpkins with less supervision than ever this year.  Scotty's is second from the left, James' is far right. 

The babies learned some new tricks this fall.  Ruthie often carries things around in her mouth like a puppy.  Here it looks like she's got some mad balloon skillz
 Two things here:  they found a favorite hide-out in the kitchen.  Only problem is all that stuff mom and dad put in it.  Both babies also put their hand up to their ear and say "ohhh?" anytime we say "hi" "hello" (like I did to take the pic).  I know that's a pretty common baby thing, but it never fails to melt me!
Partners in crime

More mischief, and Sammy's first cheeser
And here's Ruthie's typically crazy hair.  She usually manages to keep her clippies in for 2.5 seconds.  Then the rest of the day she looks like this:

 And finally, one of the rare pictures of the babies together, ready for church one Sunday morning.


Stephy said...

I just love Scotty. What an imagination! Ha ha. Well miss those sweet babies. They are getting cuter all the time. I love reading your writing as well, very witty.

Yorgasons said...

Those two are so darn cute!! I love the costumes! I am assuming you didn't get a good one of the twins in their costume? I LOVE the pumpkins!! They look awesome! My kids wouldn't carve their own pumpkins...lame-o!!