Tuesday, December 4, 2012

September babies

The babes are 1!  September 1st was a momentous day.  Everyone told us all we had to survive the first year.  A hazy zombie-like feeling washes over me every time I think about our lives a year ago.  Many days I really didn't think we were going to make it.  Yet here we are.  We've learned so much!  More on that another day.  

Birthday Sam
Birthday Ruth
Jer captured a little twins moment.  Funny thing about this particular tiff:  it didn't end how it usually does...

 Sammy won, and the princess almost ALWAYS wins!  She looks dainty, but this girl can fight!

Cake time! 

Our other September baby turned 7.  Unbelievable.  Our litte baby is a handsome boy.  He asked for a swim party this year, hence the shirtless pics.
Still as delightful as his infant and toddler self, and ever-more helpful, curious, and imaginative.  He designed his cake this year:

...the boys examining one of the new Hero Factory sets - predictably, all Scotty asked for were Legos!

Happy Birthday to our 3 September babies!

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Yorgasons said...

Wow! A year! I just can't believe it! Jennie those babies won't know me!! That breaks my heart!!
I wish I could have been there for Scotty's bday!! He is a very handsome boy!!! :)