Friday, September 7, 2012

Random Spring

We're aliiiive!  Just not blogging much these days.  But I'm ready to catch up.  I was scrolling through pics on the computer the other day and realized we have a handful of random pictures that got skipped in Spring blogging that I want to preserve.  So here they are.

The babes had a blast sharing their first swing on one of the first warm late winter / early spring days in Bethlehem:

Somewhere in the madness of Spring, our Jamesy boy turned 4!!  Here's his favorite Chewbacca shirt:
His chocolate chocolate cake:
And his bilibo from Grandma:
We obviously kept it very simple (note the Christmas wrapping paper) but he seemed oblivious.  We love 4 year old James!  He's pretty much the exact same as squishy 2 year old James only with a slightly larger vocabulary and stretched out legs.

Here are all 3 boys "reading" stories.  I snapped this pic because I had a sudden flash forward to these 3 amigos in a few years playing / reading / fighting all day long :)  Sam wriggled his way to the action in his short-lived gecko-crawl.

I have no idea what inspired these, but I thought they were very 6-year-old-Scotty.  I'm including them maybe for no other purpose than future bribery material:

 Here is our exersaucer sea.  If you know our front room in Bethlehem, you can only imagine how "cozy" this was for those 6 or so months, but it was totally worth the minutes of peace they gave us:

Sometime in late winter I went through a tiny-crown-making phase and had to snap a pic of our prince and princess.  (Miss you Healy-girl!)

James' "twin" -- James and Ruthie resemble each other in complexion, disposition, and underbite.  He performs a ritual every time I walk into the room with her:  gasp, smile, and whisper-yell:  "Pwincess!!"  He begged for this pic one morning.

We had a lovely long warm spring.  The babies were in that heavenly window of sitting up but not yet moving, so we sat on the front lawn .often.  They were kept very quiet by the crazy neighbor kids running around.  I stayed out as long as they would let me!

Perky Ruthie enjoying her morning jaunt in the exersaucer:

Scotty totally cracked up when he saw the seatbelt:

And before we packed up, we took a ceremonial picture of Scotty's Art Wall.  He was soooo proud of his pictures.  Something clicked this Spring as far as staying in the lines goes, and he was pretty intense about his first "perfect pictures."  I love the bright colors.  Very Scotty!

Lastly, a favorite shot of Sammy with beaver-glasses eyes

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