Friday, September 7, 2012


It's kind of hard to see these pictures and know that we can't turn back time.  And we can't shrink this massive country.  What good times we had in Bethlehem.  

Here are Jeremy and his co-residents at graduation.  FINALLY FINISHED.  Only 20 years of schooling and training.  Go Jer.  We're very proud.  

We made it!  Scotty was born 6 weeks after Jer started medical school.  Time for a new chapter of our family's life.

Here's a pic of one of my favorite Bethlehemers, Miss Cheryl, the gym childcare lady.  Thanks for taking such great care of my kids for (nearly) 3 years!  I always felt like I was leaving them with their auntie.  We miss you!  A lot. 

Here's my cutest little man Cyrus.  Oh how I miss you buddy!

Cyrus took very, very good care of the babes.  He must have learned from his mama.  (Why do I have no pictures of / with you Amanda?!)  Here he is with "blue one:"

Scotty and his best preschool / kindergarten buddy Gussy.  Aren't they cute? 
A final fun outing to Becky's Drive-In.  The boys (sadly) had never actually been on a teeter totter til this night:
 The babes watched from the sidelines.  Ruthie has *always* done this with her feet in this stroller.  As soon as I plop her in, at least one and usually both feet go up, and she goes into chill mode.  She sometimes falls asleep that way too.  Little tiny baby quirk.
 Pony rides!
 They let Ruthie have a mini ride for free :)

Then we watched Madagascar III with lots of fun toys and treats provided by party-lady Amanda.  Thanks for taking such great care of us, Amanda.  You made it impossible for us to claim that we don't have any family in Bethlehem.

Scotty's Primary class threw a party for Scotty.  So sweet!  We love love loved his teachers and all his little church buddies.

Two of my favorite little girlies:  

Scotty's last day of school with buddies Ethan and Samuel (a Brasileiro!).  Missed getting a pic with his super-fantastic teacher Mr. Ivanitch.  I think he was the singular reason Scotty learned to love school.  
 James pretenting to be a kindgartener + Gus and more buddies.  Good times.

And here's our last trip to see uncle Ben.  These pictures make me far more sad than happy.  We miss Uncle Ben so much already, and feel sad that he's all by his lonesome in MD.  So grateful for the 3 years we got to spend near him though, and that our boys will have so many fond memories with him.  He suggested we go to the same place we went on our very first outing, Patapsco State Park.  It was a beautiful day, perfect for wading and taking little hikes.  Ben and James are walking through the tunnel:
 Splashing in the baby waterfall:

 The babes (again) watching from the sidelines.  Not too long now and they'll be fighting me to get in on the action!
Wow.  I miss the east and all its lovely people.  Didn't get pictures with most of our friends, sadly, but we will never forget you!  What a great part of the world.

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Yorgasons said...

The east misses you too!! I love your new stroller!! Its very very nice!! :) Wish you could come back!! :) Love you Jennie!!