Thursday, May 24, 2012

Azalea Gardens

In April we made a traditional Hawkes family trek to the Brighton Dam Azalea Gardens.  Heaven!  Here are Scotty, Rock, Uncle Ben, and Grumpy-pants James:
Jer got a few shots of all the kiddos

And we mostly just hung out

 A little playing
Some rock skipping
 And Zen moments.  Boy will we miss the East.  This was a very fitting, almost heartbreaking penultimate trip to MD.


Katie and Van said...

Stunning! Wow--makes me homesick. And I absolutely adore that first picture of Ben and Scotty. and Ruthie's curled tongue. So. cute! Wish I could've tagged along

Karen and Loren said...

How I envy people with better cameras than me! Geez, if we didn't need to get the garage door motor replaced or other pressing repairs, I would rather enjoy getting some decent photos of the kids with a click of a button.

Jenn said...

Beautiful!! Love all the pictures!

Sarah said...

Pretty much what Katie said. And what you said.
Loved this post.