Friday, September 7, 2012


I was feeling some anxiety about moving to Henderson after we made our final decision.  I couldn't quite put my finger on what was bothering me for a while.  Then I realized I was moving straight from the absolute epitome of quaint, Bethlehem, PA, to the absolute void of quaint, a Las Vegas suburb.  So I decided to take some pictures, as many as I could, of my favorite Bethlehem spots. I missed a lot, but I'll post what I did get.  

Here's my favorite cape cod.  Nothing spectacular, but I could always picture our family living right there.  In that very house.  
One of our favorite gardens.  So very tidy.  Always had every color of the rainbow, and by the end of summer it's absolutely overflowing.
My favorite giant of a tree.  Notice how they built the road around it instead of chopping it down.  Very Bethlehem.
Scotty sometimes commandeers the camera and takes a bunch of pictures.  I love to see what he chooses to photograph.  I was about to delete these and then I realized they're pictures of things I wouldn't normally take pictures of, that we might like to remember.  So I'll post a few,  for fun.  Here's our GLOBE Bush.  This thing was taller than Jeremy.  I never liked it really, except in the fall when it turned flame red for a few weeks.  It did provide some nice stealthy coverage for all our bikes and ugly outside toys though.  Thank you, Globe Bush.

Here's James' exuberant reflection superimposed on our green screen in the back.  Those shrubs (still don't know what they were) were everywhere in Bethlehem.  Some of them grew stories high.  These were the perfect backyard privacy screen.  Green year round.
Our front door from Scotty's point of view.  We miss you Lincoln Ct.  James-head in the bedroom window is saying hello.

I'm including this one to help me to always, always remember to be grateful for a garage.  This is our 5th and hopefully last Jeremy Tilton family parking lot!
Here's more Bethlehem.  Henderson St., near our house.  Took this pic for the pretty sycamores and for the ridiculous road.  Driving on it was like running the car over a massive wash board.  
Here's an average sidewalk on the same street.  Walks with a double stroller were quite the adventure.
 Hydrangeas.  Everywhere.
 Centuries-old buildings all around downtown.  This is part of a ritzy private school, the Moravian Academy:

A little old shed surrounded by wild roses.  
My route to the gym
Gorgeous historic mansion downtown.  There were too many of these to take pictures of!
Of course Bethlehem had its share of tacky, but I think even this type of tacky has a place in quaint.  Vegas tacky is a different kind of tacky.  For example, we would never see this here, a Maryland Fried Chicken come Cigarette Outlet Drive Thru:

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Or this, a nail salon / deep fried turkey joint in a re-zoned house:

Our favorite ice cream place was the best kind of tacky.  Inside was a hodgepodge of Elvis posters and kid-painted murals, but they served the absolute best ice cream in town, in all sorts of exotic flavors.  Bethlehemers, please enjoy a scoop in our memory every chance you get!  
 I'll end with a purely nostalgic pic of Scotty's first Elementary School, Spring Garden.  Great people and good times.  We love you Bethlehem!


Yorgasons said...

Oh my goodness!! Oh my goodness!! First of all that cape cod was my favorite too...besides the one on Henderson. That hydrenga (sp?) bush!!!! I LOVE that bush!! Its the one on the way to the library right? On Church street!!? I love that you took these pictures they are all things I LOVE about Bethlehem!! I miss that school! It was a good school!! I love these pictures!! I want to steal some of them from you!! Miss you Jennie!!

Karen and Loren said...

I've never been to Bethlehem but I AM from PA. so even I got a bit nostalgic looking at these. There's really nothing like rows and rows of well established, beautiful trees is there? We sure don't have them on AZ. Not Gilbert anyway! I saw Janice Kennedy's Facebook picture of Gray's Lake yesterday and actually swooned! Floods of good memories came to mind...those daily walks with you and Diana, row boating with Loren there, running around it in the rain, the playground I took Logan to on his 2nd birthday, etc. etc. I have loved every place I've lived which is amazing when you consider I was in Idaho for 5 years :)

CTR Mama said...

Thanks for the pictures! We miss you guys.

Stephy said...

A great tribute to Bethlehem Jennie. No one misses you more than we do. Las Vegas is so lucky to have you. I wish we could walk down Henderson together with your baby stroller for two, you must have a new one by now right? Always the upgrade. Miss you.