Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I know our last post didn't sound too enthusiastic about our move... I was missing favorite friends and places!  We do like it here in Henderson, though, and we're growing to love it.  We're near lots of family:  4 of Jeremy's siblings and their families live within a few miles, and the 5th lives an hour and a half away.  So our social circle is family!  Which is new for us and very fun.  We have a lot of cute little helpers.  Here's our niece Ella in her favorite spot, baby heaven!

I'll start with one of Scotty's camera tours of our rental.  We have almost arrived at a "real" house.  By his standards a "real" house has a garage and a basement.    (Might be waiting a long time on that one here -- almost no basements in the desert.)  Yes, it's pink, but it's a garage!  
These next two pics pretty much sum up our summer :  lots of Legos and lots of TV.  It was SO HOT!  Hotter than I thought it would be.  Too hot to go to parks, too hot to even go to the pool.  For most of July and August.  The boys did take swim lessons in the mornings, which got them outside at least a little bit, and the babies slept a lot -- making up for the sleep they missed on the move all summer long!  

Can you tell the babies like their big brother?  I love these expressions!  I don't get anything like this when I'm the photographer:  

And here's squishy pink James.  Cute, huh, Scotty's photo tour?  He didn't leave anyone out.  Except me, but I think he knows how I feel about having my picture taken.  

Jeremy sometimes gets this welcome home.  Pretty cute puppies!  

Here's the babies' favorite perch.  They were either here or in their beds most of the summer.  For the first time in our married lives, I wanted a real puppy -- I should take a picture of the floor after a meal sometime.  It's pretty spectacular.  

We celebrated the 4th with Jer's oldest brother and family in a little town outside of Mesquite, NV.  I think the grass was a little prickly for Ruthie.

They had a 4 wheeler there, which the boys spent forever on.

Then we went to their small-town not-so-small fireworks show.  Fun evening.  Thanks Jeff and Andrea!

We did get one break from the Vegas heat for a weekend family reunion in San Diego.  The babies loooooved the sand.  

 Sammy especially liked the taste...

The boys played and played and played and Scotty even caught a few good waves on a boogie board.

And, of course, the ceremonial boy burials took place:

Aside from a major life event for Scotty not much else happened this summer.  We feel like the boys transitioned pretty well since they're surrounded by cousins.  The babies each have their very own closet to sleep in :) and we're settling in nicely.  Jeremy loves his job and feels like we made a good choice coming here.  More on this new chapter of our family's life soon!


Katie and Van said...

I'm LOVING all these cute pictures and so is Daphne. She keeps listing off the person in each one and is so excited to see them. So much fun! We're excited to be closer so we can join in! :)

Laura said...

You have such a cute family! Thanks for keeping all of us up to date on your life. I really enjoy reading about what's going on with you guys. Your twins are adorable and I can't believe how big Scott and James are getting!

Karen and Loren said...

Whenever I see your cute family pictures I think we HAVE got to visit the Tiltons! e swore we wouldn't go to Vegas again unless it was to see a show...but Henderson might be different :) Maybe we could find a show and do JUST that in Vegas and Jaylee and I can hold the little puppies the rest of the time

Yorgasons said...

Sammy is looking more and more like James!! All those pictures of those babies are soooo darn cute!! They make me sad though since I am totally missing their growing up!!