Sunday, April 29, 2012

Brooklyn Bridge

We took a trip to see Grandma and Grandpa and the Brooklyn Bridge earlier this month.  Oh how we'll miss that city!  We haven't been since the babies were bean-sized in my belly.  It was good to be back. 
Here's James hitching a ride
 The boys watching the cars zoom past

The city sklyine -- One World Trade Center is already looking impressive

After walking the bridge we hung out at the Brooklyn War Memorial Park for a while and visited.  James dug the martial arts class
And the statue toes
Grandma and Grandpa held babies and visited
And Scotty had a Zen moment.  He's always been a bit obsessed with symmetry, and this was no exception.  No one directed him there.  He just stood there, then sat there.  For probably 10 minutes.  Which, if you know Scotty, is impressive.  

We ended the trip on the sweetest-ever note at Levain (our first trip!).  One of those cookies served very well as Jeremy's entire bday cake the next day.  No pictures.  Just a few extra pounds.  All in all, an awesome day. 


Katie and Van said...

Love all those pictures. They are adorable! :) Wish we could've tagged along.

Yorgasons said...

Ok, I LOVE those pictures of Scotty in his Zen moment! Those are priceless!! LEVAINS!!! YUM!!!

Jenn said...

Jennie, you are such a good photographer!!

Sarah said...

Looks like a very nice visit. I love how you share your visits, Jennie.