Monday, April 2, 2012


There's a place called the Lock Ridge Park near Bethlehem with a small field chock full of grape hyacinths. Area expert friend Amanda told us about it, so off we went for a family outing and kid photo shoot. There are ruins of an old coal-fueled iron furnace nearby. Neat place. We hope to make it back at least one more time to explore some more.
one of my favorite pics was an accidental shot of Ruthie's chicky fluff
Sam showing off his toothers
and his impressive noggin
checking out the purdy flowers
the boys were only mostly compliant
a few pictures worked out
a few others were more entertaining than perfect
all 4
isn't Sam's perma-confused face great? It's like we photoshopped the same exact face into each picture
situation deteriorating


Yorgasons said...

Love! Love! Love them!!! Oh how I miss this beautiful family!!!

Karen and Loren said...

you move to NV. in July. right? Because we're totally taking a road trip to see those cuties! What a handsome family!

Jenn said...

Beautiful!! Even more darling children!!

Stephy said...

so beautiful jennie. well done

Sarah said...

Cute series of kid shots! And -lol!- I was just thinking about that face when you wrote about it. perma-confused... too cute! I'm enjoying seeing each of your 4's individual faces showing as they grow.