Thursday, September 29, 2011

Babies babies babies

A month old already! We can't even begin to list all the ways Grandma helped us. We truly believe, though, that she's the reason the twins had a healthy start. We were all fed, clothed, and as well-rested as we could have hoped for a full month thanks to you, Grandma! Our sincerest gratitude.

Here are a few pictures from the twins' weeks two and three.

Ruth: Hey Grandma -- you make this look easy! You truly are a woman of many talents.
Sam: I could get used to this one-on-one you think they know I have Woofie?
Ruth is a woman of many faces, and we're convinced that some of them point to where she's headed in life.

the Illusionist
the Dramatistthe Diva
the Comic
the Model (how's my hair?)
the Ballerina

the Tease (she pinched me!)
the Gossip (how shocking!)
The world is her oyster. Obviously the little princess is favored in this post. Here's some more Ruth (a Sam-devoted post coming up!):

Back to snuggling close...
Aunt Katie came for a fabulous 5 days. Priceless in so many ways. She stayed up a whole -- very rough -- night with me while Jeremy went on a quick trip out of town. (Service only true love can give!) She made all sorts of yummies for us. She brought gifts for the boys. And she held babies. Often. Just last night at dinner James put on his most pathetic pouty face and said "Miss An Kayee." Thanks so much for coming!
(For the record, that's actually Jer's "baby," the richest ever chocolate cheesecake, but Katie did make the ganache and put the finishing touches on it. And yes, you might actually gain weight merely by looking at the picture too long.)


Karen and Loren said...

Oooooohhhh! Soooo adorable! Those two are precious beyond words. I laughed out loud with all those pictures of little Ruth. She's beautiful! You have a girl! Yay!!!! And wow, she's got 3 handsome brothers to protect her.

Jennie Larsen said...

Too much fun! And the many faces of Ruth! So glad you've had such great help! Congratulations again to your whole family! :)

Katie and Van said...

LOVE the pictures--I miss them! and you...I loved visiting and miss helping, despite my lack of sleep while there :) Beautiful pictures of Corinne and the babies--the light is really nice. What a lovely grandma!

The Wettstein Family said...

Jennie!! Your captions kill me!! You are hilarious! I wanna hold those little angels too much. :( Why do you have to be so far away?!

Abigail and Jason said...

Jennie, your little ones are ADORABLE!! I love the picture of Ruth the gossip!!