Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Scotty's bday

Scotty is 6! I love this age. A little while ago I was doing some face painting for Scotty and some friends. When I asked what he wanted on his cheeks, he said, "Sunshine! And a skeleton!" What other age group would make that request?

We started planning his birthday party a long time ago. A chain of questions and answers led him to believe that his late-September-almost-October party *must* be a costume party, with Halloween-themed games. The games he chose: Spider web dance (freeze dance), Spider says, Spider spider dino (duck duck goose), and Hot pumpkin. Yes, we had fun! Both planning and carrying out.

I wrote a hurried entry in his journal about 3 weeks after the babies were born. It says, "Never cuter, never naughtier." Sums it up pretty well. But it's always way more fun than it is hard to have him around.

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