Sunday, September 11, 2011

An eventful 2 weeks

Our last 2 weeks have been memorable to say the least. They started with the threat of Hurricane Irene bringing Grandma Corky safely here from Vegas a little early (hooray!) and Scotty's first day of kindergarten. He was so much fun to watch in the classroom -- completely in his element surrounded by hyper kids and tons of activities. I'm glad the babies held off a bit so I could be there with him and Grandma on his first day!

I don't think he or James had any clue what was about to happen in our family.

Ruth Mary Jane and Samuel Clem were born on September 1 at 2:52 and 2:53. Sam, the gentleman that he is, let the lady go first, and weighed in a manly 2 oz heavier than Ruth (6 lbs 9 oz) at 6 lbs 11 oz. Here's Ruthie, sad that she hasn't yet had her bath:
Much better now

And Sam
I'm a total sucker for this little profile
Thankfully, Scotty and James seem to have weathered the change very well. Here are the first pictures of our four (!!!!) children together:
The hospital was a mix of nightmares and miracles. What a strange 4 days! We learned time and time again that there are two sides to every coin. Here are a few of our dramas turned tender mercies:

1. In the recovery room after the c-section, my heartrate dropped into the 30's (!). Long story short, I was given medication that spiked my blood pressure, had an EKG and echocardiogram, and found out I have a heart defect, unrelated to anything that happened delivery day, that I may never have known I have. It's called mitral valve prolapse. Apparently mine isn't too serious, but I'm glad to know it's there, and will definitely be following up with a cardiologist to see what this may mean for me.

2. Because of my gestational diabetes and insulin taken during pregnancy, the babies' blood glucose dropped dangerously low immediately after birth. A nurse recommended I supplement breastfeeding with an SNS device, a tiny little tube that feeds the baby small amounts of formula while nursing, to keep their sugars level. I hated having to figure out one more thing on top of nursing twins, but in the end, I think it helped them learn to nurse much quicker than they might have otherwise. They both latched on and nursed like champs for nearly every feeding, my milk came in exactly on schedule, and we've had very few bumps along the way in those terms where it could have potentially been the hardest part of our hospital stay!

3. I gave Ruth a pacifier to settle her between feedings on day 2 and she took it so deeply she turned a little blue. When the same thing happened in the nursery, they sent her to the NICU for 2 days for observation. Having her across the hospital in the NICU meant that after we fed Sam, we trekked over to the NICU to feed Ruth, and came back to the room for an hour-ish of rest before the next round of feeding began. The "happy" side of this coin involved some of the darkest hours of my life at the time: they say the quickest way to recover from a c section is to move, and as miserable as I was, I HAD to move, a lot, every 3 hours. I thought those first 4 days in the hospital would kill me, but by my 5th day post op, I was feeling very little pain and could move [almost] like a normal person around the house.

4. Jer announced to me at the end of August that the chief resident would be out of town and that he was designated chief for the entire month of September. I just about fainted. It doesn't mean too much more in terms of his time commitment, but I need every minute he can spare at this point! Turns out that being chief also has its perks: he can schedule his own surgeries. haha. So he actually has ended up having a bit more flexibility than normal, which has already meant the world for my sanity. Hooray!

On to more pictures! We were delighted to be able to come home all together last Sunday. In a few hours it will be officially one week since we crossed the threshold as a "6 family" as Scotty calls us. I don't feel like these pictures need much explanation aside from YES, this is exactly how the week has gone! Lots of crying, usually not both at once, some calm, and gobs of cuteness.
You smell *awesome*... how do you taste?
My turn
No, my turn
MY turn!
Maybe we'll try something different
I'm hungry again:
that was tiring...
We're having fun and getting enough sleep to get along. We'll see how things go once Jeremy's mom leaves. We may very well just fall apart (she's been wonderful!) but eventually I guess we'll have to figure it out. Here's to lots of moments like these:


The Hawkes Family said...

What fun! Heehee. They are so beautiful. Hang in there it will get easier. Right?

Katie and Van said...

oh so cute!!!!!! I want to be there right now--they are precious :) Soon though, soon!

Kim said...

Congratulations! They are adorable.

Karen and Loren said...

Oh Jennie, I want to reach into my computer screen and pick them up and hug them right now! their hair is gorgeous! You're amazing for all you're doing! Keep up the good work you mom of four!

maria said...

Just found your blog off Emily's--how did I miss your blog?? What adorable babies! Wish you lived closer so we could all help--and enjoy those cute kids. Congratulations!

Not that you have lots of time-but sure fun to keep in touch. Here is my blog--Emily keeps one too, but most everyone else NEVER updates...grrrr.

J and C Stubblefield said...

ohmy gosh! Everyone is super-cute! And, I have a mitral valve proplapse...found out with baby biggie. Glad things went semi-ok. Those babies are gorgeous...thinkign about you often!

John-David and Kathryn said...

Too cute. I am glad everything went well. They are just adorable. I hope your recovery is going well.

The Wettstein Family said...

I can't believe I didnt' see this sooner! Those babies are so darling! It really takes me back to little newborn Scotty! Some of those pictures look just like him! I hope you're adjusting well. I wish I could bring you dinner. :( Good luck!

kate said...

Those faces just melt my heart. Wish I could come by with some dinner and an extra pair of hands! Good luck! I need your mailing address by the way, can you email it to me... when you have a spare minute?