Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Viva Las Vegas

We were sad to leave Washington and my brother’s family, but every 70’s something day we enjoy and every story of snow we hear, we miss it less and less! Half kidding. It really is LOVELY here this time of year though. Just before we left Scott got on a kick where he wanted me to take a pic of him holding James first thing every morning:

Scotty: more amused, James: less

We left Washington late October, stopped in Folsom, CA to visit a day with Jer’s sister Jen and her family, then to Vegas. Here's Scott and California cousin Henry sporting matching undies:

After we said goodbye to papa again (but happily the last time for a long leave) Jer’s sister Emily and family whisked us away to Disneyland! Woohoo! Here's Grandma and the teacups, Scott's first ride:

Scott and his cousins, Adam (6) and Ethan (3) had a blast, of course. My personal favorite part of the trip was California Adventure. What a sweet park! King’s Dominion? Anyone? Almost exactly the same. Scotty’s report of the trip to Jer on the phone: “I destroyed bad guys.” Yes, Buzz Lightyear was his favorite. Since the trip, he introduces himself as “Zurg” to unsuspecting kids at the playground and walks around with his pointer finger outstretch saying "piu piu" at anything that moves. He also now commands my mother in law’s silk flowers to sing. Anyone else experience this after the Tikki Room? We were there for Halloween, which was awesome. The crowds weren’t bad and there seemed to be lots of special occasion things to do. The boys dressed in their costumes for the after dinner round at the park. Can you tell they wouldn’t last more than an hour? Scotty was “Boga” Builder, James was my punkin.

The second day I had to get very creative without a double stroller. Those of you who know Scotty well: can you BELIEVE this?? Stroller naps happened three times that trip – three of four times in his entire life. Poor tired puppy.

James has come a long way these last 2 weeks. He's weighing in right around 20 lbs. now(!) He rolled over many times from back to tummy and *then* learned tummy to back. Silly goose. He also learned how to gag himself with his toes and grab at my spoon during dinner…alas. 6 months is my favorite baby age though. I love watching him kick his feet up to his face and stare at them, then go roly poly all over the place. We never know how far away from his playmat we’ll find James next…or under which piece of furniture. He LOVES his big brother, and grins from ear to ear every time he’s near. He is thriving on this constant-doting atmosphere, as is Scotty. Hooray for grandparents.

and here are some raspberries:

here he is admiring his dad:
Scotty’s still obsessed with the day he’ll “grow into a daddy,” probably because of all the rides he could almost go on at Disneyland. He’s also very interested in shadows these days. When he catches sight of his own, he raises his hands above his head and gives a fearsome rarrr. We went to the Nellis AFB air show last Saturday which Scotty loved, of course. Highlights: posing with the cargo plane “eating” his head, sitting in the cockpit of a WWII bomber, and, of course, the Thunderbirds. They were amazing!

On a more frustrating note, I knew this would happen, but somebody please tell me there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Scotty is suffering some serious lapses in his potty training. Not number 1, just number *2*! Ahhh! I’m all ears if you have ANY advice. I’m about ready to go back to diapers…

Jer is in Allentown, PA, enjoying his program. He already made a trip to Philly to see one of his favorite jazz bands play, and he’ll be in NYC next weekend for another. Moping about without us, I know. He volunteered to spend Thanksgiving Day with my brother Ben in MD before he heads to Detroit for a week. Nice of him, huh? I think they’ll both have fun despite being away from family. I’ve always wondered what a Thanksgiving dinner out would be like…they might go for Chinese.

As for me, the only thing I’ve accomplished since coming here aside from further lardification is bangs. Yes, I have bangs, at the urging of my mother in law’s stylist. I’m very glad I waited until I know absolutely no one besides family to try them. Today I have a mullet. No joke. Mostly though I’m feeling spoiled by Jer’s parents. I’m really digging having some adult conversation every evening and having a more people around to shower my boys with kisses and compliments. I miss Jer, but he’ll be here in no time for his month off. Yaya! Life is good.


Mollerup Madness said...

I am so jealous you went to Disneyland!!! Good for you!!! I can't wait to see pictures!!! That is SO CUTE that Scotty introduces himself as Zurg! Cute little boy!

A Different Drum said...

Wahoo for Disneyland...I love that place! Sounds like everything is going really well. It was fun to see Jeremy the other day. Let him know if he is ever driving through again that he is welcome to stay here.

JordonandKeelie said...

Sounds like you have been having a great time. You kids are getting so big. James is a tank! I love the fat legs. We miss our Iowa Family! Take care

Yorgasons said...

What fun!!! Man you guys are having fun!!!That is so fun that you got to go to Disneyland!! Scotty cracks me up! He is hilarious! And about the potty training thing...sorry I have no advice gets better eventually...not very positive advice I know but you are talking to the lady who has no clue what she did with her daughter! Kyle is not on podiatry this month so he hardly ever sees Jeremy and we have all been sick this week so we haven't had him over yet!! I feel like a jerk! But we are all better now...we think...and so we will be inviting him this coming week!! I was wondering why there weren't any pictures of you on the blog and then I read your paragraph about the bangs!! hahaah Jennie you are funny! I bet they look good!! I had somebody tell me that bangs look good on everyone...I don't know if that is entirely true but I bet they look good on you!! Well keep up the fun! and November is already going by fast! So you will see Jeremy soon!! Woohoo!

Sarah said...

Jennie - I'm always tickled when i see an update from you! :)
I wanna see you with bangs - big time! I can totally see them flattering your eyes...i think. You're gonna have to show us ;)

Looking at Scotty in the stroller - wow... you've got a big kid! I love James on his lap. And, yea, cousins are so cute together!

I'm glad you'll get to be a family (all together)for a month soon! You're quite a woman to be doing this. Fun and hard, both - I'm glad you have this adventure to look back on someday.

Jenn said...

Cute pictures, and even more, cute boys! For sure we can see you after the holidays. We were battling strep, so it was probably for the better. We don't want to swap illnesses! Take care, and have a wonderful holiday as well!