Sunday, October 12, 2008

Yay Washington!

We've been having a blast up here. If you've never been, MUST COME! Everyone told me it was gorgeous, but I was expecting east coast gorgeous. This is a completely different story. Granted we've been here for the most pleasant month (September) and saw the most consecutive crystal blue skies possible in a year. It's lovely.

What makes Washington even more stellar is my brother and his family. They've been more than generous hosts, and we couldn't be having more fun. Nate and Jeni eat super well (as in tasty AND healthy), Scotty is in toy heaven and is sandwiched between his 4 and 2 year old cousins Abby and Vivian, and Jake and Emmy (11 and 9) dote on/entertain both James and Scott often. Here's a quick catch-up of September for us all:


-stayed at a bachelor pad in Fife (an hour away) with two first year residents who also went to DMU.

-clerked at St. Francis in Federal Way in Sept. Loved it. Would love to do residency there!

-is clerking at Multicare in Tacoma this month. Verdict's still out.

-comes to see us every weekend and on surprise days off – yay!


-My sister in law Jeni got me started on an un-boring exercise program. So far no pounds or inches lost, but I feel good, and I don't hate exercising, which is a big deal for me.

-I have dinner nights and the family is mostly vegetarian, so cooking has been an adventure of sorts. I've had to get creative! They avoid meat for health reasons and consider it a more accurate interpretation of "eat meat sparingly." They're flexitarians. I thought I would feel weak or needy without meat, but I'm happy to say I don't miss it! I'm encouraged, and I think I may just try it out with my own boys.

-My first speeding ticket. doh.


-Turned 3 on the 21st yay!

- … wait for it… is POTTY TRAINED! We made a project out of Scott and his 2 ½ year old cousin Vivian with good (not great) success. Both still have consistent accidents if we ever go a minute over the hour timer, but they're steadily improving. And it's been easier with two than with just one, I think. We're also working on potty training a puppy. Going potty is constantly on the brain.

-He has adopted a new phrase he says at least once a day and sometimes dozens: "I'm going to turn into a daddy and…" usually followed by an action that requires being tall, like getting the games with little pieces off the top shelf, or getting the treats in the top cupboard, driving, or (my favorite) "I'm going to turn into a daddy and I can cook!...uh.... no I can't cook." Hopefully someday he'll learn being a daddy isn't a requirement for those things…

Here's the birthday after party:


-He rolled over, ate his first rice cereal, and cut his first two teeth!

-He also had a bout of the croup, which was freaky. I can know fully empathize with anyone who's been through a croupy night. It was brief though.

-He's giggling readily now but still mostly does his silent wide-mouthed "laugh" every time anyone makes eye contact with him. He seems to be in Heaven with all the little people around.

-He did finally shake off his sleepies and will stay awake for 2 hours at a time now. Tough, I know.

Our most fun outings have been to the new Sculpture Garden in Seattle, the Tacoma Zoo, visiting my freshman roommate Sofia and her family in Steilacoom, and visiting a picturesque town near here called Poulsbo. I still can't believe how beautiful this part of the world is! Seems like waterfront properties are a dime a dozen, and the water isn't murky or brown like I'm used to: it's clean and blue as can be. Here's some pics of the sculpture garden:

My favorite: naked father and son meet Tilton father and son.
Here's James' comfy perch and pillow

My favorite part of the month by far though has been spending time with relatives! Being so far away from family for so long was hard, and it's so different to actually live with family. Nate and Jeni seem to know something about everything, so there's always a new and interesting conversation topic. They're a great help to me despite having 4 very busy kiddos to care for, which is awesome. I'll never forget this little stay with them. The kids are all very creative and individual. Jake turns 12 next week and writes better then I do now – he's almost always at the computer writing a poem or short story. He adores James and is a great helper when he's fussy. Emmy, 9, is a helper by nature and loving and silly. Abby is 4 and SO dramatic! Mostly fun, sometimes hard. Only hard because Scott LOVES hearing her reaction to all sorts of pokes and pinches. A classic Abby phrase: "Mommy can I pretty pretty pretty please just hold your lipstick? I promise I won't eat it!" Vivian is 3rd percentile mini-adorable and the sweetest thing in the world. She often comes to me, pats my knee, makes some unintelligible exclamation, and waits for my happy response. I'll miss these guys so much when we go…


Kim said...

Sounds like your enjoying the 4th year so that's a big accomplishment. Are you staying with your brother for the rest of October? Where do you guys head next? Good luck with everything.

Mollerup Madness said...

Jennie!! I would LOVE to see Washington! It was so good to hear an update from you! Where do you go next? Your boys are growing so fast! Scott is so big --- HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY!!! SO CUTE!!!! James is a beautiful baby! We can say beautiful when they are that young right!!! Keep your updates coming!

(I will get you the white chocolate popcorn recipe!)

Miss you guys!!!

Debbi said...

Hey Jennie! Wade told me you guys were here and I was so excited! We are in Tacoma and would love to have you over sometime - do you have a car during the week? We could go on an outing if you want or wait until the weekend (if that is better) and have all of you guys come over for dinner and games or something?! Let me know what you got going on.

I don't have your email, so email me your phone number or what days work for you if you want to get together. -

I have a pumpkin patch picked out that I want to visit this next weekend so Wade can go with us - it's down by Olympia, is that too far for you?

Yorgasons said...

Oh I loved Washington!!! I loved that area it was wonderful! I actually miss it!! I am still hoping you will end up liking Allentown but if you end up in Washington I will be so excited for you too!! :) Sounds like you are keeping busy! It is so much fun to be with family after not being close to them for so long! That is the blessing part of that crazy year! It was a crazy year but I was able to spend so much time with family I will always look back at it and be grateful!!! Will you be able to visit Jeremy while he is in Allentown? That would be nice! :) Keep enjoying the northwest!! The Seattle Aquarium is cool and you have to go see the troll under the bridge (hehe)!

Yorgasons said...

Oh and I thought of Scotty on his b-day!! Its cool that he is exactly two years older than Ben!! Happy Belated Bday Scotty!

Mandy said...

Hey Jen! I love reading your updates. Guess what??? I got my first speeingicket too a couple of months ago! Stinks huh?

Jenn said...

I love to see your cute family!

Jenn said...

Hey Jennie-
Do you happen to have Wendy T. McKay's email. I would love to invite her to my blog. If you do, could you leave it on a comment. I would love that!!! I miss her and you

Lynda said...

You sound like you are having a great time. I love the pic of scott with the cupcake that has no frosting... i can hear him say "uh oh!"

love and miss you all...

Lynda and Q

Kimm said...

Hey Jennie!! I love all the cute pictures of your kids! What fun! I have a special place in my heart for Washington, since that's where I grew up (Renton/Kent area).

If you're wondering who this is, I roomed with you for years at BYU! Yes, Kimm Washburn. Jodi sent your and Lisa's blog links to me the other day. I just started blogging. You can view mine at

It was fun to see your beautiful family.