Friday, July 18, 2008

The men in my life

I have a bunch of pictures from the last few weeks, but no exciting stories to go with them, so this is mostly a pic post. Probably our last for a while: we're already swimming in boxes, and have many, many more to fill between now and the 31st. Then I'm not sure what my computer access will be like for a while.

First, some summerness. We went with Allison + entorage to the casino/race track for the 4th to watch the races before a spiffy fireworks show. It really was a great show -- I don't know if I haven't seen a good show in a while or what, but I thought it was the best one I'd *ever* seen! Scott was more interested in the horses and kept asking where they were during the fireworks. Can't you just hear them begging, "Let us out!"?Something in the works?? Summertime feet:Summertime head: (post run-in with a big stick)Scott in his Jetsonsmobile-meets-Flinstonesmobile. Don't you love the proportions of these cars? For our year on the road, we bought Scott a portable bedroom: a dog tent! haha. It's just the right size, and he's slept in it just about every night since we got it. Here's hoping it'll ease the shock of being a nomad at least a little bit. Scotty: "Don't even think about snapping that shot." AWESOME bribery material for 10 years from now...
More bribery material. This is a 90's version of Scott. Nerd-face Tilton. Big brother keeping James company during some tummy time:My manly men in fruity stripes:Here's a taste of what Jer gets to do all day. Before:
James chillin' with papa:
Getting REALLY excited about attention from dad:

Wish us luck with our move! We're mostly excited, but of course a little sad to leave favorite friends and places behind. We'll miss Des Moines!


The Wettstein Family said...

Poor little Scott's forehead!!! I think that James looks just like you Jennie! He is so darling! Good luck with all the packing. It is such a liberating feeling when it's all done! Your blog has made me homesick for Iowa! So many fun things to do in the Summer! Love you guys!

Mandy said...

Gee Jennie. I have a photo just like the one of Scott with a bog bump on Jonas' head! Must be a boy thing.... :) Good luck with your move!

SaraH G said...

I love the tent bed-room! And wow, James is getting big! I can see more of Jer in him in these pictures :)
How nice to have been so close to Jer's work/school for the past while. (we've got a similar thing going with Nathan right now, yay) Best wishes for packing, moving, settling in.

Yorgasons said...

I love the pictures!! They were all great! Your boys are adorable!! You know it seems to me that the picture of Scotty and his goose egg would be a good story! How come we couldn't hear that one? Well good luck with the move!! I promise it goes by fast! Before you know it you will be back in Des Moines for graduation... and James will be 1 AHHH!! Time flies!! Good luck! and travel safe!!

Carmen/Alan said...

I was reading Karin Dance's updates and saw your name. You all look great and James is really cute! Good luck with rotations and upcoming residency. -Carmen