Thursday, July 10, 2008

James Kenneth's baby blessing

We had James' baby blessing the weekend of the 29th of June and luckily both sets of grandparents were able to be there. We named James for the biblical James (we've both always liked the prophet and the name) and for Jeremy's dad Ken. After the fact, we realized that James is everywhere in my Scottish line of ancestors, and is also the name of Jer's mom's grandfather and great-grandfather. So it's very much a family name. Here are the two Kens bonding on the papasan: My dad, Ann, the boys, Corrine, and Ken:
The Tilton boys:The Jeremy Tilton family of 4:
We had a blast! Ken and Corrine came Friday. They do a PERFECT job of being doting grandparents. Indulge Scotty's every whim. He missed them so much when they left! Friday night we went out for yummy ribs and to see Wall-E, which was fun, of course. And Saturday after Ken fixed the Subi (again! Thanks, Ken!), we went to the Boone and Scenic Valley Railroad. If you've never been, it's a little hard to describe. It was very Iowa. Slow, a little shabby, and no surprises. We had fun though, of course. Here's Scotty with his favorite, grandma Corky:
Scotty, Ken, and Corrine:Mossy Jer:James doing what he *still* does best:
Scotty messing with anything that looks like a potential gizmo to get him in trouble w/ the conductor.
I guess there was one kind of dramatic part: the "High Bridge" (most creative of all names) is 159 feet high, with no visible side rails. Pretty trippy. But not too scary going 5 miles/hour. My dad and Ann just moved to Nauvoo, so they came up that evening and the 4 grandparents went to Sam and Gabe's to hear Jer play one of his last gigs with Stu Calhoun, our 80 year-old jazz pianist friend. The next morning Jeremy blessed the baby at church and did a very nice job, Jer's parents left, and we had a bbq that afternoon with my parents before they headed home to unpack their boxes! It was a great weekend. Not too long or too short. Absolutely perfect, 70-something degree, breezy, sunshiny early summer weather.

Several times the following week I stopped everything I was doing and just sat there thinking about how truly blessed we are to be loved and cared for like we are. We love our parents! We're so glad they could come and support us. I also did a little swooning over my husband. I'm grateful for him, too, and that he's a good man, strong in the gospel, a great example for our boys, and so dedicated to our family. Whata guy.


Mandy said...

Awww... Jennie... I love reading about your family! I have to say... Scotty looks like he could cause some trouble! I mean that in only the nicest way of course! They are both super cute! :)

Debbi said...

Hey Jennie - I found your blog through other blogs and I had no idea - are you still here in Iowa? We are here and I thought I was the only one left! Your cute little James is perfect! Hope you guys are doing great!

Nanette said...

What a cute family!

SaraH G said...

You do a beautiful job writing about your family and their experiences/growth. I love reading here! You look great, your boys look handsome, and i'm glad James is still being a great sleeper ;)
How special to be able to have the family in for the weekend and share that time. (oh yes, and keep swooning over your husband any time it occurs to you!) :)