Thursday, June 16, 2011

Misc spring pics

Found some extra pictures I never posted, probably from my "purse" camera judging by the dozens of fingerprints on the lens. Here's James' choice of outfit for one of the too-plentiful cold and rainy spring days we endured.
Maybe he took his inspiration from his dad's new surgical loops? Jeremy has officially arrived at surgeon-ness. When he first put them on, all I could think of was being a nurse and seeing the surgeon like this. Wouldn't you crack up? I totally would!
Move over Clark Kent
Here's Jer's birthday sombrero at Chevy's with brother Ben and his friend.
The thinker-come bunny in DC. I loved this sculpture. I could have a miniature in my house and never get tired of it.
Fountains in front of the National Archives
Scotty's preschool graduation. He hammed up the whole evening. I'm pretty sure the first little pose is a response to my request for "cute smile."

He surprised us with an announcement that he wanted to be a fireman when he grows up. Never would have pegged him for a firefighter, but why not?
Overall a fun evening except for the length (yikes!) and the mildly disturbing fact that neither of the teachers could carry a tune, so all the songs the kids sang were in a strange monotone chant.
One of my favorite little guys on the planet, Cyrus. I want him for my very own.
James' female counterpart Violet. They have the same squishy cuteness factor (off the charts!) and often similar dispositions. They're in Nursery together at church. Don't they make the cutest couple? I'm rooting for both of them to end up at the Y here in about 17 years and run into each other at the HFAC...

At the end of our ward Easter egg hunt I couldn't find the boys. Of course they had already hunkered down, serious about the business of candy-eating. Notice that all the tables around them are vacant -- all the other kids were still playing around and hunting eggs.
Lots and lots of empty eggs by the time I found them...
Introducing .THE CHAIR. One of my first freak out topics after learning we were expecting twins centered around nursing: how? could I possibly survive? is there such a thing as a chair perfect for nursing two yet comfortable enough to double as a bed? Yes, in fact, there is. We found it on craigslist. I know, it's slightly ridiculous, especially in our tiny nursery, but I have a feeling we won't regret the investment for one second of our postpartum sleepless delirium.
Neighbor Ben has resurrected his Halloween costume and requests it daily, so Scotty and James sometimes follow suit. The adorable 3rd amigo is Fabian, our new next door neighbor.
Pics of our trip to New England coming soon...

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