Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Working backwards

Too much to post (as always!)... I finally decided to start working backwards in small bites. Life is good! Babies are growing! *I'm* growing! We found out we'll have one boy and one GIRL!! 3 amigos and a princess. We're delighted.

Scotty's preschool had a little royal wedding party last Friday. The girls were invited to dress up in princess gear and the boys were kind of invited to dress up too. Scotty was convinced that he wanted to be a knight until I showed him the actual royal wedding that morning. Then I had my wish and all he wanted was to be a prince, not a knight. So we raided our goodwill pile and half and hour later Scotty donned his royal garb. He basked in the attention he got at preschool, in the neighborhood, and at yard sales the next morning. Any time I asked him to do something I got the reply, "I'm not SCOTTY I'm PRINCE WILLIAM." Here's our Bethlehem royalty:

The next day we had a different prince in the house. James turned 3! Poor little buddy had his special day on an abnormally busy day for the Tilton family, but I hope he still had fun. He spent all morning with dad while I went to a women's conference, then we went to a friend's party, which I think ended up being really fun for him -- it was at a park on a gorgeous day with a pinata, treasure hunt, and a fabulous cake (which I wouldn't have had the energy to do!). Then we came home exhausted, ordered pizza, put candles in some ice cream, and opened a few presents.

I have a hard time describing how I feel about our James. He's very much still a baby to me, and I find myself feeling shocked every time he says a full sentence. He still snuggles like a champ and has the squishiest little body and personality. He's mostly a sweetie, but he's learning how to hold his own. I find myself saying, "Scotty, run! Just run away!" more often these days. Scott's probably as surprised as I am when James retaliates. He ends up standing there, letting James have at him, crying. James' sweetness definitely prevails though, and he's a total charmer in public. We love him! I wish I could push pause on him right now.

Turning 3 meant graduating from Early Intervention and losing his awesome speech therapist Laure. He did end up qualifying for one day of a language-emphasis preschool nearby though, staffed by trained professionals, completely free, with busses, i.e. an answer to prayer! I'm pretty sure we qualified because of a very embarrassing pregnancy outburst a few weeks ago when I told the therapists evaluating him that he was most certainly not going to get any therapy come fall unless he qualified for the program...twins...overwhelmed...etc... I bawled! And I never bawl! I was mortified! His speech therapist was sure he wouldn't qualify but then they told me he was in. I just smiled and said thank you! Here's James' big first day. He was in HEAVEN. I was pretty sad to see him go, but I really did enjoy that morning home alone with just my Scotty. And it will be great for him. Just perfect!

Spring has finally sprung, and we had one day warm enough and dry enough to take some pictures. I feel like this care-free time with my boys is going by me much, much too quickly. I love my little men! We've been having a lot of fun together lately.


Jenn said...

Cute pictures!! Good for James and you!!

Karen and Loren said...

Okay Jennie I about laughed out loud at your "Scott, just run!" comment. I say that to Logan sometimes too- the revenge of the little brothers ready to hold their own ground now! Prince Scott looks awesome. What a fun and creative idea! Wish I would have thought of that so Logan could have been the talk of the school. Congrats on your boy-girl team!!!! I think boy and girl twins are very special. Any name ideas yet?

Kellie said...

So much fun and good news. I'm glad all is going well!

John-David and Kathryn said...

Love the Prince outfit. He was dashing. Your boys have grown up so much since you've moved here. I hope the James can go to that preschool in the Fall. We are definitely learning how a little help can go a long way for these little guys. You will especially need it once you have the twins.

Katie and Van said...

What cute boys---I know this is way way way late, but I'm sorry I missed James' birthday. I need to get better with the nieces and nefews days. Soon. Love you!