Monday, December 27, 2010


Happy Winter! Here are a few shots from our last (crazy busy) 6 weeks. We had a gorgeous snowfall last night we had been anxiously awaiting for over a month. The boys started trying on their deep winter gear in November. Apparently pants are optional:
James found a new hobby / obsession. He will "tut" anything an everything he gets his hands on. Sometimes I let him cut magazines to his heart's content and he'll be there for an hour or so (!)
Scotty made a Thanksgiving costume for his preschool feast, complete with hieroglyphics that tell a story.
Mid December we ventured to You Nork to "see" the tree. We naively thought we would be able to get closer than a block away, but no such luck. Note to selves: never attempt this again on a weekend!
It was still fun to be in the city (what it is about that place?) and we don't regret going, but we'll see if we can't go during the week next year. Here's a rip-off Mickey the kids were excited to have a picture with
And Scotty and Jeremy's hands-down highlight of the day, the Lego store at Rockefeller Center:

Last week James had a Christmas party thrown by the folks at Early Intervention. It was more fun than I had expected, for the boys and for me! Here's the dog room, crammed full of the sweetest ever therapy dogs:
A therapy swing - come - sleigh:
A snowman they could demolish by rolling down a cheese mat:
And the greatest ever Santa complete with super thick New York accent and dark black stubble:
Christmas day gets more fun every year. It was the first time since I was a kid that I felt impatient for Christmas morning knowing how much fun the boys would have with their loot. Surveying the scene in their new glow in the dark rocket Christmas jammies:
One last pose in front of our smooshed-in-the-corner scoliosis awareness tree:
And, later that day, chillin with Uncle Ben and the Davidsons in Ellicott City. We love having family on the East Coast! Thanks you guys for hosting (again)!
Here's a pic of my favorite doggy, Delilah. I love dogs, and loved growing up with dogs, but couldn't ever see them in our family's future until I met this one. She's a miniature greyhound, and much more like a cat than a dog. She *loves* Ben and the boys love her. Such a sweetie:
Finally, I wanted to post a few of our Christmas photo shoot duds. Watch James' facial progression. If Jeremy's head wasn't cut off anyway, I might have considered using one of these for our "official" pic. They make me laugh every time:

Three cheers for little boys. We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and that you have a Happy New Year!


Karen and Loren said...

I'm jealous you've even got to see the "big tree". I've been to New York City, but not to do the fun sight seeing stuff. James looks so much bigger than when we saw him last, it's crazy! Colin also likes to cut paper, I wish he would stay at it for an hour though.

gillespie said...

Cute Family!

Jenn said...

How fun!! I love the NYC pictures, and your family picture on the side is gorgeous!! I am glad you could come for Christmas! It was a lot of fun!!

Kellie said...

Oh my. Scoliosis Awareness Tree just made me laugh out loud. Glad you had a merry holiday and enjoyed the snow!