Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Chesapeake

Our October trip to MD to visit Ben was especially fun. We decided to go to the Bay, and since it was chilly, we had the beach *to ourselves.* The boys had an absolute blast, as boys are wont to do, digging and throwing sand, climbing on the jettys posted with "danger keep off," climbing trees with Uncle Ben, and scaring seagulls. Highlight of the day: remember when Scott forgot his shoes for our trip to NYC? This time we forgot James' clothes. Yep. All of them. He stayed in his butter yellow fuzzy jammies at the beach, the park, and the restaurant. Oh well, at least he was comfy and warm, right?

The State Park we visited had the *coolest ever* playground made out of old tires of all shapes and sizes. There was an obstacle course, a tire tower, and old-timey tire car, and tire bits covering the ground to squash and jump on. Fun times.

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