Sunday, October 11, 2009

Scotty's Birthday and other fun times

I'm still blog-bulimic. The last six weeks have been fun and busy, but not too photo-worthy. I'll post a few highlights. First and foremost, Scotty turned 4! I'm still a little weirded out by the fact that he's been around for 4 years. So long, yet so short. Here he is with part of a favorite bday gift from Aunt Katie, a lego candy building:
James enjoying Scotty's cupcakes:
Our little impromtu dress-up party:
The big 4:
The following week, another huge day in Scotty's little life: the first day of preschool. All grown up:
Scotty love love loves preschool. He goes 2 hours a day, 4 days a week, to a little free preschool program through the local high school. Ever since he started, he's been a different kid. About 1 timeout a week instead of 10 a day. I think he was starved for that social outlet. He's definitely in his element now. So fun.

All but about 3 days in September were absolutely dreamy weather: 60-70 degrees, sunshine, breeze, a little fall chill in the air, but usually not enough to require a jacket. We made the most of it one Saturday by going to Bushkill Falls, an hour or so north of Bethlehem. Some great views and a pretty good stair workout. Here are dad and James:
Scotty at the top of one of the falls:
My favorite view: (Note the tiny little people in the bottom left-hand corner)
Two more falls:

And a sweet bluegrass band we listened to while we ate our ice cream at the end of the hike. Fun day.

We were back down in Baltimore to see Ben last weekend. This time we went to Weber's Cider Mill Farm. If you live anywhere in the greater Balto-Washington metro area, *must purchase cider here.* I've never in my life tasted its equal. Phenomenal. Wish we would have bought gallons. We went on a little tractor hayride:I caught the boys looking extraordinarily bored, but handsome:
There was a hay bale maze Scott dragged me into... I barely fit and Scotty dusted me. I had to ask the people on the bridge overhead how to get out (haha!) :
Hillside slides. I think Jer might have been trying to steer??
Coolest ever turkey. Hard to see in the pic, but his head looked like a glob of external blue brains. Very cool. He was also really, really mad and literally "gobble gobbled" and a little girl as we were walking up. She screamed and ran away -- it was pretty intense! Last but not least, James had fun pushing around the pedal tractors. I'd never seen him do anything like this, but apparently it readied him for WALKING! Two days later he took his first steps, and he's been adding new little tricks daily. He's so proud of himself as he walks he looks like he's going to pop with happiness. He also does his giant open-mouth smile and his inhale-laugh the whole time. So fun. Took him a long time to catch up to his buddies, but he's there, finally, at 18 months. Yay James!


Kimberly 4th Ward said...

Jennie!!! You look so good! What a cute picture of you! It made me miss you!

Scotty's first day of preschool picture is so cute and so BIG! Our boys have grown up so fast!!

Kimberly 4th Ward said...

Oh, by the way, this is Haylee M. I just saw that I was signed in on my ward's blog (that I just started for my new calling!) :)

But, it's just me Jennie!! :)

The Wettstein Family said...

Preschool FOUR days a week?!! I am so jealous!
Little James is walking! So glad to hear it! I don't think Kevin really took off walking until he was 17 months.
Time for another one, Jennie?

Kellie said...

You and your family are just beautiful.
I'd love to see you sometime when you're down here. We're still in our same little house in Jessup.

katie said...

So, so cute. Love the pictures. I really like Ben's new glasses and hat. Haven't seen the glasses before. he's looking pretty hip. I should've come--i really should've. Next time, tell me I'm a nerd and I should come. Love you.

Karen and Loren said...

I agree with Diana on two things- first, I'm also jealous about the FREE/4 day wk. preschool. We tried to switch Logan over to a cheaper place to save $20/mo. but the lady basically said no b/c she already has 5 boys in the class and 3 boys of her own so she's on a testosterone overload. What ever happened to discrimination against your gender, huh? Second point is that you should have another baby! Hahaha. Yesterday Colin patted my tummy so lovingly, then rested his cheek on it and said, "Hello?" Does he know something I don't know?

Sarah said...

Wow, he's really been Scotty for 4 years already? Jenny that seems so old!
Your description of James walking is perfect - I have seen lots of kids, including Lila, be similar to that and can picture it so well!

What beautiful waterfalls.
I enjoy all the pictures of your outing in Baltimore too :)

Mandy said...

Jennie... I MISS you!!!!

Jenn said...

Love your pictures. The one of you is beautiful!!