Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pollywog Photography

My brother Tim recently started a children's photography business in Centerville, UT. In the middle of our "tripola," we had a total of 2 hours? (3 tops) to visit with him. With so much time to spare, I asked if he could take some quick pics of the boys. So at nearly 6 pm (big time fussy time), several weeks into a nightmare trip for kids their ages, Scott in desperate need of a haircut, in the middle of a weird dust storm, in about 15 minutes time, Tim got these gems. If you're anywhere in the Centerville vicinity and are interested (ehem), check him out! has his portfolio, general info, and even some photography tips. Might I add, he's also very reasonably priced.

Getting the boys together was a challenge (Scott!), but despite the battle he still got this:
Alone, he got them to shine with what seemed to me to be little effort. Here's James:

Some of my favorites of Scotty are the candid shots. Tim had asked Scotty to tell a story, and as he talked, Tim captured the faces I see all day every day that vanish when the camera comes out. They're the faces that melt me and make me want to snatch him up and hug him while he's eating lunch or playing with his toys. Ah, my boys. I love my boys.

The story begins: then what happened?
...a monster:
...a *scarier* monster:The End:


Jenn said...

Beautiful!! Your brother is very talented!! (but so are you. Your pictures are great- I love looking at them!!)

Laura said...

So Cute! I liked the story pictures of Scott too. The monster ones made me laugh. Too bad I don't live in Utah! The last time we got pictures Emily wouldn't smile at all. I can't belive how big James is getting! Thanks for sharing!

katie said...

I love, love, love them. See, I do look at your blog. Anytime there is new stuffs. So cute. Now I want to see pictures of your house :)